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Fillable 2024 Basketball Playoff Bracket

  • By using the latest version of Adobe Reader you can save, email, update and more.
  • Type in the scoring by round in the top row!
  • Edit any of the blue fields you see on the bracket!
  • Edit the large blue field with notes and tie-breaker rules!
  • Feel free to leave any of the text fields blank. They will appear as blank white space when printed!
  • ONLY the text you type in will appear when printed. The Blue boxes will not show up.
  • Bracket will be updated with First Round Match-ups

Fillable NBA Playoff Bracket

Features of the Fillable Bracket

Features of the Fillable Bracket

The fillable bracket provides a lot more options than the normal Printable Playoff Bracket. The main idea of this bracket is to be able to customize the bracket before printing, by editing the points per round in the top row and typing in notes or any special instructions/rules in the larger blank space in the middle lower half of the bracket. Remember you can leave any of the blue fields empty and blank white space will show up when printing.

By using the new version of Adobe Reader the functionality goes even further as you can have the participants of the pool fill out the bracket and email you their picks. This bracket can be saved, emailed, updated, printed ect..