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How to Calculate Bowling Handicaps

Bowling handicaps are meant to level the playing field, by adjusting your score based on your average. This allows lower level bowlers in a league to be competitive against much better bowlers. A quick example of how this works is: If your average is 150 and another bowler's average is 200 and you bowl a 160 and they bowl a 200 you would actually win!

Calculate Your Average

The first thing you will need to do is determine your bowling average, this typically needs to be done by using at least a 3 game average. We have created a Bowling Average Calculator to help you determine your average.

Basis Score

Each league will have a Basis Score, if you contact the league administrator they will offer you this information. This will be a number like 200,210,220,230 ect.. This number will typically be slightly higher than the bowler with the highest average in the league.

Basis Score Percentage

The league may also use a Percentage Factor along with the Basis Score, this will typically be 80%, 90%, or 100%.

The Handicap Math

In this example we will say your Average Score is 170 and the Leagues Basis Score is 220 with a Percentage Factor of 80%.

Begin by Subtracting your average from the Basis Score(220-170 = 50) , then multiply that number by the Percentage Factor(50 x 80% = 40). Your handicap is 40. So, the first game bowled in your league you bowl a 160, you would add your 40 point handicap to that score and 200 would be your adjusted score.