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Best Backyard Games

I am a backyard game fanatic, so I thought I would share what I think are the top 5 backyard games.

1. Cornhole

Backyard Cornhole Game

Cornhole has long been my favorite backyard game, and I'm sure by now you've probably either played or have seen others playing. If not, there are 2 wooden platforms that are placed 27 feet apart and have a 6" hole on the top of each board. Players toss bags(duck cloth filled with corn feed), trying to either land it on the board or put it in the hole. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy the cheap, flimsy, lightweight boards that you find at a retail store. The boards are junk, the bags are junk, just don't do it! You should however make your own set or buy one of the high quality sets online from a retailer like

2. KanJam

Backyard Kanjam Game

KanJam was founded in 2006, but it wasn't until quite a few years later that I seen a group of guys playing at the beach and just had to try it. There is really no other way to put it, it was awesome! KanJam is a little more active than Cornhole. Teammates stand at opposite ends, the thrower tosses a frisbee towards a container(think of it as a garbage barrel cut in half, that also has a slot cut in it). The object is to either hit the container, make it in the top of the container without the help of the teammate, make in the the container with the teammate deflecting it in, or trying to get the frisbee in the slot for an instant win. If you've never played, you should definitely give KanJam a try!


3. Beersbee or Beersbie

Backyard Beersbee Game

Number 3 on the list is Beersbee, also known as Polish Horseshoes and Beer Frisbee. Like KanJam this is a moderately active game. You probably won't be dripping in sweat, but it keeps you on your toes. The set up of the game is simple, you have two poles(we use 1.5" pvc pipe) approx. 30 feet apart and you place a bottle or can on top of each pole. Teammates stand on the same end and toss a frisbee, trying to hit either the pole or the bottle on the opponents end. The opponents will then try to catch both the frisbee and the bottle as it flies off the pole. The toughest bottle to catch is a bottle hit where the frisbee is coming straight for your eyes.

Most folks play this as a drinking game, where you have to have a beer in one hand at all times, but this can very easily be played without the beer using both hands.

4. Spikeball

Backyard Spikeball Game

I first seen Spikeball on the popular tv show Shark Tank, and knew I had to try it. Spikeball is quite a bit more active than the other games listed, and to be honest, if you're lazy you probably won't enjoy this game. The game is basically a twisted version of volleyball, that involves a mini trampoline net and a mini volleyball. Teammates can hit the ball back and forth 3 times before they return the ball to the other team by hitting the net. There are no sides or boundaries in Spikeball, but instead any player can run, dive, slide anywhere around the net. Take my word for it, you must try this game!

5. RampShot

Backyard Rampshot Game

RampShot is one of the newer backyard games on the market, as it was released in late 2014. RampShot is another very active backyard game.


I was able to play this on our beach trip over the summer and I must say the beach is definitely the ideal place to play. You will have the option to dive after plenty of balls.


The game involves two high quality Ramps/Goals and a set of balls that are similar to handballs or racquetballs. The Ramps are a hard plastic where the front is angled like a "ramp" and the top is flat with grooves and a basket. The grooves are meant to send the balls flying in all sorts of directions. Teammates stand at opposite ends, one player throws one of the balls trying to either get it in the netting/goal or just hit the ramp board. The opponent at the opposite end will try to catch the ball as it bounces off of the board. A unique feature of this game, is the opponent that is on the same side as the thrower, will run toward the ramp as the ball is thrown, trying to catch any ball that may hit the front of the ramp.