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13 Run MLB Office Pool

13 Run MLB Baseball Office Pool

Rules for 13 Run Baseball Pool


The object of a 13 run baseball pool is for your team to score all of the runs from

0 to 13. If your team's final score is 0 to 13 you will cross off the corresponding box. The first person to have all of their boxes crossed off wins!

The grid above has enough for 30 people(which is the amount of teams in MLB), the pool can be played with less people if necessary.

Running the Pool
There are two options for running this pool.
Option 1:
In the left hand column write down all of the players names that will be participating. Put all of the MLB teams in a hat, and draw one team out at a time placing the first name drawn beside the first players name and so on....

Option 2:

Put all of the participating Player Names in a hat, and draw one name at a time, the first name drawn will get to pick the team of their choice. Continue this until all of the player's names have been drawn

*Please check your local gambling laws for information on the legality of wagering money on office pools.