NFL Survivor Office Pool

Below you will find two options for our Printable NFL Survivor Pool. The first is to Customize this Pool, which will allow you to edit the title/header of the pool and also gives you the options of directly typing in the rules and prizes of the pool before printing. The second option is to Print, which will load a printable .pdf file that appears as you see it below. For a couple different variations try our NFL Streak Pool and our NFL Margin Pool. Don't forget to check out our Poster Size Football Squares which can be used for any game of the season.

Printable NFL Survivor Pool
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100 Square Football Grid NFL Weekly Pick 'em Sheets
50 Square Football Grid NFL Confidence Pool
25 Square Football Grid NFL Power Rankings Pool
10 Line Football Squares NFL Weekly Props Pool
Quarter Line Football Squares NFL Margin Pool
Halftime Line Football Squares NFL 2 Team Dream Pool

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How to run an NFL Survivor Pool

Rules for the Survivor Pool

The object of a survivor pool is to pick a single winner, of the game of your choice, each week for the entire NFL season. You can not pick a team more than once. If at any point during the season the team you choose does not win you are out of the pool.

Rules for a game ending in a tie

There are two options for running this pool. Most people pick for the first week and wait until week number 1 is over before submitting picks for the following week. You can also have everyone submit their picks for the entire season all at the same time.

Running the Pool
Fill in the left column with the names of people that will be participating in the pool. This grid will work for up to 24 people. Just print additional copies if you have more participants. Start with week one and have everyone submit their pick for the week. Once all of week one games have been completed have all the remaining participants submit their pick for week 2 ect..

When there is only 1 person left that has not missed any games, they're the winner!

*Please check your local gambling laws for information on the legality of wagering money on office pools.