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How to Play Cornhole

Starting the Game
Cornhole can be played in doubles or singles, but most people prefer doubles/teams.  Teamates are positioned on opposite boards, and will be pitching against a player from the opposing team.  Begin play by deciding which player will toss first and from which side of the board they will be tossing from, this is usually done with a coin toss.

Board Distance
The distance between the boards should be 27ft from the front of one board to the front of the other. We have some Printable Cornhole Building Plans if you're interested in building your own set of boards.

Tossing Rotation
Each player will toss 1 bag at a time, alternating with the opponent until all 8 bags(4 from each player) are tossed. The score is then tallied by the players on the other boards. The player from the team that scored the most points in that round will now throw first in the same alternating manner.

Keeping Score
Bag on the board = 1 Point
Bag in the Hole = 3 Points
Scoring for cornhole uses the cancellation method, any points matched by the opposing player will cancel out the other team’s points,  if there are any leftover points for that round that will be the number of points scored by that team.
Example: Team 1 has two bags on the board and two bags in the hole(8 points). Team 2 has three bags on the board and 1 bag in the hole(6 points).  Team 2 would cancel out six of Team 1’s points leaving Team 1 with a total of 2 points for that round.  A bag that bounces off of the ground onto the board does not count and must immediately be removed before the next player throws.

According to the official rules skunks do not apply, if you are having a leisure game and want to end the game early during a blowout add the skunk rule, if the score is 13 or more to zero the game is over.

Winning the Game
The game is complete when a team has 21 or more points at the end of a round.  You may have heard of other ways of completing the game such as, if you don’t get 21 exactly you go back to 13, or you have to win by two or more points, these are both options you can use but the official rules say a team wins when finishing with 21 or more points at the end of any round.

We have a wide variety of Cornhole Tournament Brackets available, if you will be hosting a tournament.