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Who is Favored to win the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 52 Odds

The New England Patriots are opening up as 5.5 point favorites over the Philadelphia Eagles.

The odds below were released before the season began. As you can see, the New England Patriots are favored to repeat as Super Bowl Champions in 2018, while the Browns and the 49ers are least likely to win the big game, with 300-1 odds.

New England Patriots 6-1
Dallas Cowboys 10-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 10-1
Green Bay Packers 12-1
Seattle Seahawks 12-1
Atlanta Falcons 16-1
Carolina Panthers 20-1
Denver Broncos 20-1
Kansas City Chiefs 20-1
Oakland Raiders 20-1
New York Giants 25-1
Minnesota Vikings 25-1
Arizona Cardinals 25-1
Baltimore Ravens 25-1
Indianapolis Colts 25-1
Miami Dolphins 40-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40-1
Tennessee Titans 40-1
Cincinnati Bengals 50-1
Washington Redskins 50-1
Houston Texans 60-1
Philadelphia Eagles 60-1
Detroit Lions 60-1
New Orleans Saints 80-1
Buffalo Bills 80-1
Los Angeles Chargers 80-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 80-1
Chicago Bears 100-1
Los Angeles Rams 100-1
New York Jets 100-1
San Francisco 49ers 300-1
Cleveland Browns 300-1

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What Channel is the Super Bowl on?

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When is the Super Bowl?

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