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Super Bowl Drinking Games

We all know about the classic drinking games, Beer Bong, Quarters, Flip-Cup, but here is a list of some drinking games to keepyour guests entertained at your next Super Bowl Party. Also check out our list of Super Bowl Party Games and our Tips for Hosting a Super Bowl Party.

Super Drink

Before the game starts have each person pick a team. This is their team for the entire game. Each time the opposing team:

Scores a touchdown

Kicks a Field Goal

Gets a First Down

Gets an interception

Recovers a Fumble

Blocks a Field Goal or Punt

Sacks the quarterback

Have each person that chose that team take a drink(shot, cupof beer?) You make the rules. You can also come upwith your own scenarios, the above scenarios are just examples.

Penalty Flag Drinking Game

Assign a set number of drinks for the yardage of each penalty. Each time a penalty is enforced, drink up!


5 Yard Penalty = 1 Drink

10 yard Penalty = 2 Drinks

15 Yard Penalty = 3 Drinks

More than 15 yards = 4 Drinks

Announcer Word Game

Create a list of words that the announcers will say throughout the game. Each time a word is said, drink away. You can also split this game upinto teams and put all of the words in a hat. Take turns having each team draw the words out of the hat, if any of that team's words are said only that team will take a drink.

Big Play Drinking Game

Once again you will want to divide the guests into two different teams. Each team will be representing one of the actual teams that is playing in the game. Similar to the Penalty Flag Game, you will assign a set number of drinks each time a play goes over a certain yardage. If your team makes the big play, all the guests on the other team will be drinking up!


Over 15 Yards: 1 Drink

Over 25 Yards: 2 Drinks

Over 35 Yards: 3 Drinks

Over 50 yards: 4 Drinks

Enjoy the festivities but don’t forget to keep track of your drinks.

Drink responsibly, stay safe and don't drink and drive!