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March Madness Confidence Pool

What is a March Madness Confidence Pool?

The March Madness Confidence Pool is a variation to the normal NCAA Tournament bracket Office Pool. Participants will rank the 68 teams in the tournament from 1 to 68, with the team they think will win the tournament being number 68. When a team wins, the participant is awarded the corresponding number of points. The person with the highest point total at the end of the tournament wins. Here is a complete list of our March Madness Office Pools. Begin this pool by getting the Printable March Madness Bracket. The steps below explain how to run this pool.

Step 1

Print one of the brackets from above and hand a copy to friends, family and co-workers. Our bracket will be updated on our March Madness page once the pairings have been announced.

Step 2

We typically don't use the play-in games in our pools, although it's not necessary we believe the play-in games should be incorporated in to this pool. The participants will rank each team from 1 to 68. The team thought to win the tournament should be ranked number 68.

Winning the Pool

Each time a team wins, the participant will receive the corresponding number of points(points = rank). The participant with the most number of points at the end of the tournament is the winner. For a tie-breaker have each person write down what they think will be the total number of points scored in the championship game.